Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can find our return policy here.

Q: How much UV protection does the visor provide?

A: The visor blocks 99.9% of UVB and 98% of UVA rays*.

Q: Are helmet mounts included?

A: Yes. You do not need to purchase a set of helmet mounts unless you want an extra pair for an additional helmet.

Q: How do you remove the warning sticker?

A: The visor ships with protective film on both sides.  The warning sticker is attached to the film on the front of the visor. To remove the warning sticker, simply remove the protective film. Note: please remove the film on the back as well. Otherwise, you will not have optimal visibility.

Q: Is the visor scratch resistant and shatterproof?

A: Yes. We spent time finding and testing the most durable, UV-blocking polycarbonate for our visors. 

Q: How do I know if it will fit my visor?

A: We feel confident that our visor will fit on most helmet designs.  We have tested our visors on helmets from all the major manufacturers -- such as Nutcase, Bell, Bern, Giro and others — with success.  The Bouclier visor fits best on skateboard-style helmets, but fits well on traditional vented cycling helmets, too. For vented helmets, simply mount the anchors between vents for the perfect fit. Depending on the location of your vents, you may not have as many options for your visor’s placement and your facial coverage.  

Q: Can you mount the visor on a helmet that already has a small visor?

A: Yes! We have observed that there are two kinds of visors on bike helmets: built-in and detachable. If your helmet’s visor is detachable, you can remove it and install as you normally would. If your helmet’s visor is built-in, it may prevent you from bringing the Bouclier visor down completely over your face, but you’ll still get additional sun protection.

Q: How do you mount the visor?

A: The visor uses the same 3M VHB tape that GoPro™ uses, so it’s an easy as peel-and-stick process. You’ll position the visor over your helmet symmetrically to determine where your anchors will go. Before placing the mounts, try pivoting the visor up and down to make sure there’s adequate space for your visor to move easily. Next, you’ll use our positioning sticker to hold the visor in place while you peel the tape off of one mount and push it down. Repeat for the other side. 

Q: Can you switch your Bouclier visor between helmets?

A: Yes.  If you want to install on a different helmet, you will just need to purchase an additional set of helmet mounts.

Q: How do you clean the visor?

A: To clean your visor, use water and mild soap. Do not use solvents, alcohol, or harsh chemicals since they may damage the visor. For best results, clean with a microfiber cloth. Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths on your visor.

Q: Can I remove the mounts from my helmet?

A: Yes! To remove the old mounts, use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive tape on each mount. Once it’s soft, you can pull the mounts off your helmet. Please discard the previously used mounts, and do not use them again.

* We worked with Intertek a NRTL (National Recognized Testing Laboratory). They adopted the following test standard -- “EN ISO 12312-1:2013 Eye and face protection , Sunglasses and related eyewear Part 1: Sunglasses for general use” -- to determine the UV absorption properties of the visor.



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